decrease meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
decrease meaning in tamil is கம்மி, குறைத்தல்

decrease meaning in tamil with example

decrease tamil meaning and more example for decrease will be given in tamil.
Giving statistics on crime figures the IG said effective booking of more preventive cases against rowdies during the year resulted in the decrease of all heinous crimes. The opening of the new complex would also help in providing speedy justice and decrease the large pendency of cases. Increase in sales reflects the impact of increase in product selling prices of 20 per cent and decrease in the sales volume of 2 per cent as compared to the corresponding previous period Reliance Industries stated in a press release. For while a good retreat would decrease such sentiments a bad Iraqi one will only spur and spread the active often violent expression of them. Quoting a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Dr Aggarwal said middleaged adults who eat more vegetable protein from grains vegetables beans and fruit tend to have a decrease in blood pressure levels. The protection committee was doubtful if the ships could be delivered on schedule due to the heavy decrease in the strength of employees.Delay in delivery of ships would lead to the shipyard paying heavy compensation to its clients the committee said. There has been a considerable decrease in the number of deaths of twowheeler riders in the city last year said R. The CPI M leader said there was a constant decrease of 23 per cent from 2000 to 2005 in the forest budget of the State. Traffic department officials attribute the decrease in the number of accident cases to stringent measures adopted against traffic violations.