decorate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
decorate meaning in tamil is அலங்கரி

decorate meaning in tamil with example

decorate tamil meaning and more example for decorate will be given in tamil.
Dikshit observed New Delhi is Delhis drawing room we should decorate it beautifully. Aid for quake victims NEW DELH. The pulsating and energetic aspect of life got reflected in the colours the girls used to decorate their designs adorning the campus of Sri Durga Malleswara Siddhartha Junior Mahila Kalasala. Produced by 69 selfhelp groups the products include artistic leather soft toys embroidery pearl jewellery decorate wood carvings ecofriendly jute Pochampalli Mangalagiri and Chirala saris and dress material besides numerous other craft products. The project to decorate the temple walls is of course a novel venture that would enliven and popularise the mural art of yore without losing its traditional flavour says Mr. People particularly housewives looking to decorate their houses can get the best bargain at the exhibition though the products seem to be priced on the expensive side. While men decorate the main door with mango leaves and perform puja the women make preparations for a hearty lunch. When tied with alari arali and pachai leaves people buy it to decorate lamps says a flower seller. For some among them it may take a little more time than the time frame for the likely elections in the year 2009 for which the selflovers among our politicians are trying so desperately to decorate themselves with the quota elbow grease. She studied painting not only to develop her interest in the hobby but also to decorate her home with her own works. Planning to decorate windscreens and windows of your car with dark black reflective and tinted films then you could be very soon penalised for violating a law under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules.