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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
declaration meaning in tamil is தீர்மானம் அறிவித்தல்

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declaration tamil meaning and more example for declaration will be given in tamil.
Chief Justice of the Madras High Court H.L. Gokhale on Thursday said the High Court will decide on the issue of its judges making a public declaration of their assets on receipt of the modalities from the Supreme Court. The team has been invited despite a declaration by United Nations representative Craig Jenness that the elections were transparent and credible. He also stressed that there was no justification for fresh elections thereby negating the Sunni demand for it in some areas. Heritage zone She demanded declaration of the entire corridor between Bavikonda and Pavuralakonda as a heritage zone and green belt. The Collector instructed officials not to accept any declaration form without the signature of the MCH staff. The 20th anniversary of the declaration of the Silent Valley rainforests as a National Park will be celebrated on January 7 with lectures and presentations. After hearing the objections in the second phase now in progress the Government would proceed with the final declaration expected to be issued by the monthend. Murali Kumar Chennai Free lunches offered by way of subsidies declaration of huge sums as NPAs by nationalised banks reservation are all hurdles to prosperity. Hundreds of petitions filed before the High Court sought a declaration that the newly amended provisions were in violation of Article 14 of the Constitution. The Emirs death was announced over state television prompting a closure of government offices for three days and the declaration of mourning for 40 days.