deceleration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deceleration meaning in tamil is அமர்முடுகல், வேகத்தேய்வு

deceleration meaning in tamil with example

deceleration tamil meaning and more example for deceleration will be given in tamil.
The deceleration of capital goods and intermediate imports would seem to call into question the sustainability of the 8 per cent plus growth rate beyond the shortterm. On the negative side it notes that the deceleration in the IIP growth this year was due to a decline in the mining and electricity sectors. Scientists at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California cheered and applauded as the MRO packed with an unprecedented hightech array of instrumentation completed its delicate deceleration into orbit on Friday. According to the RBI adjusted nonfood credit is projected to increase by around 20 per cent implying a calibrated deceleration from a growth of around 30 per cent ruling currently. While there was been an overall deceleration in tax buoyancy the immediate cause for the shortfall in tax collection is attributed to the decision to allow traders to skip paying tax during March this year. It has stressed the need to reverse the deceleration in farm growth while aiming for a 12 per cent rise in the manufacturing sector to achieve 8.5 per cent overall growth. Corrective steps The NCAER underlined the need for urgent corrective steps to deal with the deceleration in agriculture productivity growth and that of cereals in particular. Ahluwalia said We are not looking for high but inclusive growth even as he stressed the need to reverse the deceleration in the agricultural growth rate. On the other side there was a deceleration in the growth rate in agriculture sector from 3.4 per cent per annum in the Eighties to 1.3 per cent in the Nineties.