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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deafness meaning in tamil is செவிட்டுத்தன்மை

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It will benefit persons with conductive or mixed hearing loss due to chronic ear infections absence of earlobesear canals and those with single sided deafness SSD. The Government has decided to establish a deafness control programme in the State to offer high quality sustainable and ear care programme to prevent diagnose and manage deafness and also to set up rehabilitation programmes for hearing impaired. Kameswaran and Australian institutions in the field of identification and management of deafness has benefited people in both countries the citation added. For people working in loud noise areas deafness begins at 20000 hertz and remains undiagnosed until it reaches 3000 hertz. In the first phase of the fouryear project we aim to work in the area of early screening and detection of cervix and prostrate cancer heart diseases diabetes diagnoses of deafness among children and establishing emergency medical services in selected States. He said soon the National Deafness Programme would be launched in India for which the Centre had planned to involve the private hospitals. The three main causes for deafness were consanguineous marriages Rubella infection and preventable middle ear infection. The camp will also provide treatment for asthma and other lung diseases epilepsy deafness and dumbness autism attentiondeficit hyper activity syndrome Down Syndrome muscular dystrophy and Hurler Syndrome. The trust has helped another sixyearold child Damodharan who suffered from partial deafness since his birth.