deaf meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deaf meaning in tamil is செவிடான

deaf meaning in tamil with example

deaf tamil meaning and more example for deaf will be given in tamil.
Operating from a residential site the owner has been turning a deaf ear to our pleadings for over 10 years to atleast provide us relief from the deafening noise from the factory starting 9 a.m. and late into the night. The Social Welfare Departments repeated plea to shift the schools to the Department of Education has fallen on deaf ears. Yadavs family members and neighbours told reporters that their pleas for the past few years to lay underground electric cables fell on deaf ears of the officials. It accused the Government of turning a deaf ear to the protest launched taken up by the affected people. A representative of a delegation of the deaf and dumb which represented the problem of their unemployment to the district Collector during the Spandana programme on Monday explaining the outcome in sign language. Backlog posts Officebearers of Deaf and Dumb Unemployed Association represented the problems faced by its members to the District Collector. Organised by the Tamil Nadu chapter of the National Convention of Educators of the Deaf NCED the conference is being held at Dr. Previously deaf children began their education at six years but now early intervention begins at birth Sr Rita Mary pointed out. Plea of his wife to pardon her husband fell on deaf ears and they told her that he did not stop stealing sheep in spite of their repeated warnings. Among the highlights of the programme were recorded patriotic songs in Badaga sung by the Collector and a farmers dance item presented by the deaf and dumb students.