dead meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dead meaning in tamil is இறந்துபோன, உயிரற்ற

dead meaning in tamil with example

dead tamil meaning and more example for dead will be given in tamil.
Farmers who belatedly started kuruvai cultivation in reduced areas in September the dam could not be opened on June 12 as scheduled due to dead storage were staring at disaster in the second week of October. The transformation of this water body from a dead lake to one thriving with winged beauties was made possible by the Mysore zoo which took up restoration of the lake and cleared encroachments along the feeder channels that fed fresh water to the lake during the rainy season. The incident allegedly caused by the refusal of the dead womans husband to withdraw a police complaint should be condemned in the strongest terms. Staff Reporter Former councillor dead Rajahmundry Former councillor and Innispeta Cooperative Bank former vicepresident M. Noticing the three lying in an unconscious condition relatives and neighbours rushed them to a hospital where Sowmya was declared dead on arrival. During the fiveyear absence of Arif who was presumed dead after initially being declared a deserter Gudiya had married Taufiq and carried his child. On Tuesday two persons including a betel leaf vendor from Bihar were shot dead in Thoubal district. On Tuesday morning as he did not go to the station a constable went to his residence As there was reply when he knocked the door he broke open the door and found the Inspector dead in his bed. Staff Reporter Tusker found dead EROD. Rajan was found dead inside the house with doors bolted from inside when she returned home in the morning. Doubts over doors The fact that Rajan was found dead in a room doors of which were bolted from inside was what puzzled everyone.