data meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
data meaning in tamil is தரவுகள்

data meaning in tamil with example

data tamil meaning and more example for data will be given in tamil.
There were reports that the Andhra Pradesh State Wide Area Network was hacked by ISI agents and important data including the security operations planned by the Government for the forthcoming major national and international events at Hyderabad were accessed. The movement of financial data among banks between banks and their clients and among people is likely to become more fast efficient and less prone to errors than ever before Mr. The city police had embarked on the task of preparing a data bank containing profiles of criminals including the new ones he said adding that the data was being collected. Those using the SMS need to send block number ward number and town survey numbers for data on the enjoyers of that specific property. With the introduction of the facility the marketing executives will collect required data on international steel market and convey their feedback to the management. Installed a year ago the solarpowered weather station collects data for every ten minutes on minimum and maximum temperature rainfall wind direction wind speed solar radiation air temperature low and high relative humidity soil temperature at 5 cm 10 cm and 20 cm depth. All the weather parameters are automatically logged in the data logger at the farm and transmitted to the weather research centre at ICRISAT Hyderabad. The SubRegional Office in Tirunelveli has collected data in respect of 2.50 lakh employees so far for issuing NSSN cards. Today the Government had no basic data to figure out if someone from the listed community got employment through reservation or merit.