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Abdul Kalam highlighted Mahatma Gandhi Einstein and Charles Darwin and explained in brief their greatness. The same people who reject Darwin and promote the idea that life on earth is too complex and varied to have been created by evolution a theory known as intelligent design are the ones who show such contempt for gods creation. When it reaches this isolated rabble of volcanic islands in just over one months time it will set a worrying precedent says Graham Watkins the director of the Charles Darwin Foundation which coordinates conservation research in the islands. The stand taken to forestall the demotion of Darwin in the classroom and defend the modest claim that 150 years of research has actually taught us something is braver than it might seem. The threeday meeting is being attended by a fisherwoman from Thailand Darwin Chantarahesdee who was among protestors who aborted a meeting of ADB at Bangkok six years ago. He deserves a place alongside Einstein Newton Darwin and Kant as one of the authors of modernity and one of the greatest intellectuals of all time. Akshath Reddy being denied the chance to be a member of the Indian camp probables for next months second Commonwealth under16 cricket series to be held in Darwin Australia from June 25. On his way about 20 miles from Darwin in Australia he happened to cross the territory of the native aborigines of the region. Hawking had clearly done very good important work but had not originated new theories as past Copley winners such as Darwin and Einstein had done.