daring meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
daring meaning in tamil is வீரம், தைரியமான, துணிச்சல்மிக்க

daring meaning in tamil with example

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Earlier in the year he had told a Swiss paper that while a million Armenians had been killed in Turkey at the time of World War I and 30000 Kurdish separatists had lost their lives in the past two decades nobody but me dares to talk about it. The absence of such daring is easily explained. In this regard I will continue the legacy of Menachem Begin who thwarted Irans neighbour Iraq from acquiring nuclear weapons by adopting bold and daring measures. After a daring dacoity at Rajarajeshwarinagar on August 16 2002 the then Police Commissioner H.T. Sangliana announced that a new police station would be set up in the area. In a daring attempt two undertrials who tried to escape from the district jail in the early hours of Sunday were chased and caught by the jail personnel alert public and a police constable. In one such incident at Mukkam near Mayyanad he got trapped when a group of daring youngsters overpowered him and handed him over to the Kollam East police. Weary of chic porn the French press turned to the new daring approaches of the 30something generation. For the first time in Pondicherry the Republic Day parade on January 26 at the Indira Gandhi stadium in Uppalam would be enlivened by some daring performances by Tornadoes team of the Army Service Corps. Chandrasekhars Daring Don Harish up claimed the Calcutta Champions Spring Trophy 1200m the main event of the races held here on Saturday. CALCUTTA CHAMPIONS SPRING TROPHY 1200m 4 yo over Terms Daring Don Dont Forget MeMomentous 57 Harish 1 Serrafina 55.5 C.