damaged meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
damaged meaning in tamil is பழுதடைந்த

damaged meaning in tamil with example

damaged tamil meaning and more example for damaged will be given in tamil.
Work on repairing the damaged portion has been under way at a hectic pace in the bridge since December 24 and is expected to be over soon paving the way for traffic resumption sans any toll. Following repeated complaints the Corporation had decided to set right the damaged areas and had dumped loads of gravels on the roadsides two weeks ago. Only the badly damaged Maravaneri Extension Road and Bretts Road in the city were restored recently. However the 38crore project to lay new roads and relay the existing damaged roads to a length of about 256 km in the city is yet to take off. The State Government has sanctioned Rs.12.2 crore for repairing highways that were damaged during the recent floods in the district. Since the cablepipe laying works go on for several weeks these traffic indicators get damaged and become useless. Since some of the structures were damaged causing hardship to farmers the Government ordered in 2003 to repair 775 badly damaged structures besides replacing 3031 shutters with new ones at a cost of Rs. Roads damaged He also said that many roads were in need of immediate repair and should be relaid properly as the rain has caused heavy damage to almost all the roads in the municipality.. We track down the problem and fix it usually by replacing a damaged component either in hardware or software. We have been living with our children in damaged houses. We were tired of blocking roads. 2000 fully damaged huts along with 10 kg of rice one litre of kerosene and a dhoti and saree set prompts many to seek relief affected or not.