cyber meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cyber meaning in tamil is பூஜ்யம், மின்வெளி

cyber meaning in tamil with example

cyber tamil meaning and more example for cyber will be given in tamil.
A person called up Cyber Pearl restaurant located in a building of the Hitech city in the morning saying a bomb was planted in the material received by the restaurant on Friday. As challenges came from advances in technology the need was to be one step ahead of cyber criminals and maintain 247365 or roundtheclock vigilance. Informing that those who cannot sign the postcard can visit their website and sign a cyber petition against the French Governments decision to send the toxic ship to India he alleged France is dumping toxic waste in our country and the Indian Government is welcoming it. The parent was worried about sons prolonged abstaining from classes and his spending more time in cyber caf near his school. In a special drive the City Police could find many cyber cafs in the vicinity of schools and colleges doubling up as exhibition venues for pornographic films. Ernakulam Town Central Police arrested one person on charges of exhibiting pornographic films at his cyber caf at Madhava Pharmacy Junction. We were planning to lodge complaints with the District Collector and City Police Commissioner against the system of cubicles inside cyber cafs. Students cannot be stopped from using cyber cafs as they need to collect material for project works. With cyber cafs put under close surveillance the City Police are now expecting more cooperation from parents. Those who participated in the meeting included taxi service operators public booth owners cyber caf owners SIM card sellers landlords and even heads of the institution like the Indian Institute of Technology.