curse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
curse meaning in tamil is சபி, சாபம்

curse meaning in tamil with example

curse tamil meaning and more example for curse will be given in tamil.
The nominees the handdrawn Howls Moving Castle and the stopmotion films Tim Burtons Corpse Bride and Wallace Gromit in The Curse of the WereRabbit. But I never thought earning daily bread would also turn into a curse for us the desolate worker said. The Lord severed his head with his discus and took him within Himself marking the culmination of the curse incurred by the celestial gatekeeper Jaya after three consecutive births. The ageold curse of polluting tanneries continue to haunt this locality in Musheerabad even after the Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board issued closure notices to the tanneries in the end of January. Krishnappas Friends Circle to mark the 20th anniversary of the banning of the Chandragutti jatra he said Indian culture has become a curse for Dalits as it has compelled them to accept practices such as nude worship the Devadasi system and prostitution. Usha Lata Programme Coordinator at AIR Bhadravati who was chief guest said there is need to emphasise the fact that girls are no longer a curse to the family. There is a valuable instruction to mankind in the providential circumstances under which this purana was related to King Parikshit at a time when he had brought upon himself a curse that he would die of snakebite within seven days. The resourceful manner in which the king turned the curse into an advantage brings to focus the value of human birth and the urgency to make the most of it for the souls salvation said Sri Mathivannan in a discourse.