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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
crutches meaning in tamil is ஊன்றுகோல்

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Hence one would have expected the Government which provides crutches to exporting units in the BPO sector that have grown in size and maturity to continue the concessions to the still nascent domestic segment of the BPO business. Watching the man pull himself laboriously on crutches at the Chief Ministers camp office on Wednesday one would not think he had straddled 200 km on his tricycle from his village to meet Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. From designing lights to putting on makeup some of the artists might need crutches to walk but they dont need them to think. A 60yearold man on crutches used the ramp to get into the polling booth at Santhome Higher Secondary School but came down the steps because he found them more accessible he said. Disabled voters had to traverse the entire distance on crutches from the entrance of the school to the polling booth. Some came in wheelchairs some others leaned on crutches while quite a few enthusiastically drove their tricycles. Students on wheelchairs and those who use crutches may find it difficult to move around if the school premises are not disabledfriendly. Too neat in my opinion so are Ashley Giless assertions that although he is still on crutches he can be fit in time. Hearingimpaired children were given hearing aids while those inflicted with polio were given crutches or callipers. Various concessions for education should not become crutches making them inefficient said Ponnambala Adigalar Kundrakudi Adheenam. A 65yearold physically handicapped person from Gundlupet was provided with a pair of crutches by the Department of Handicapped Persons Welfare within minutes after he complained to the Lokayukta that he was being made to run from pillar to post to obtain them.