cruel meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cruel meaning in tamil is கொடூரமான

cruel meaning in tamil with example

cruel tamil meaning and more example for cruel will be given in tamil.
A fear is also being expressed that the vacuum created by the closure of the mines would encourage increased naxalite activities in the region where the extremists have already dug in.The New Year has begun on a cruel note for the Kudremukh employees and the company. Ramji said that this winter had been more cruel and they had to keep awake till late unable to bear the chill. It would also be cruel to omit Yuvraj Singh after his two attacking and crucial half centuries at the expense of the Sri Lanka attack. Every year during Pongal animal lovers make feeble protests against the cruel use of bulls in jallikattu in the southern districts. Ram EditorinChief The HolyIndia and chairman Reception Committee who presided said a deeper and broadbased campaign was needed for Cuban solidarity which had weathered a cruel U.S. embargo for the last 46 years. Palestinian resistance to cruel occupation and the confiscation of their land is understandable but that does not mean it can shelter under a general moral principle justifying terrorism. However the least that the local administration can do is to monitor and regulate the event to make it less cruel and less dangerous. See how cruel God is he took away the mother and son too cried Balamanis husband Ramachandri who also worked at the same place. With transportation of sold animals to other States continuing to be a big problem farmers allege that not only are they forced to carry the animals in trucks in cruel conditions but also face harassment at the hands of the State police and local transporters.