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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
crop meaning in tamil is பயிர்

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Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday maintained that despite the negative fallout of a 1520 per cent projected decline in kharif crop output owing to a deficient monsoon the economy would still post 8220some ... ITDC unveils Ashok Alliance NEW DELH. Chidambaram had announced that the farmers would be given 30 per cent more crop loans the bankers were granting only 18 per cent more funds. During the meeting a host of issues including agricultural credit crop insurance seeds genetically modified research agricultural research and tax reforms were discussed. The confederation also sought a revision of the RBI guidelines so that the entire portion of interest is waived off in the event of crop loss and the principal amount is rescheduled while providing fresh loan. Expressing dissatisfaction with the existing crop insurance scheme the confederation said the scheme is not giving the desired results. There was bumper harvest of all the crops and there was no pest attack to any crop in the district he noted. Against the normal cultivation of maize in 84730 hectares the farmers have cultivated the crop in 150576 hectares. Farmers suffer again Though the year augured well to the farming community in the beginning the heavy and excessive rainfall later resulted in them suffering another crop loss for the fifth year in a row. The farmers were expecting a good samba harvest but their dashed were dashed with 50 per cent of the crop being damaged. Though the Mettur dam retained its full reservoir level of 120 feet for a record 85 days hopes of the samba crop still lie shattered.