crook meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
crook meaning in tamil is வளைவு

crook meaning in tamil with example

crook tamil meaning and more example for crook will be given in tamil.
British Council director South India Eunice Crook noted the susceptibility of lowlying densely populated coastal areas to flooding. British Council Chennai Director Eunice Crook on Monday said climate change was a matter of serious concern. Schools participate Phil Crook of England declared open the exhibition. By hook or crook CPI ML New Democracy State committee member Tanya in her address alleged that the State Government should not think that it could suppress a peoples movement by hook or crook. The Government in its effort to win the elections by hook or crook came up with this plan of removing voters sympathetic to the TDP and including those favouring Congress. Yet the officials are filling up the project site with water by hook or by crook to release water to farmers he alleged.