criterion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
criterion meaning in tamil is பிரமாணம்

criterion meaning in tamil with example

criterion tamil meaning and more example for criterion will be given in tamil.
Chandrasekaran said in his address that gaining marks alone is the criterion for proving the worth of a student. All ears are glued to the final announcement on the matter to be made by Information and Broadcasting Ministry officials who insist the licence is subject to fulfilment of all criterion notwithstanding the high bidding. There is an indication that the BMI criterion for candidates with a comorbid factor could be reduced to 32 or 33. Bengal ascertained the first criterion of qualification by carving out a 378run lead in its first innings reply to Barodas 241. If the proposal for broadbasing the criterion is adopted the bids of GMRFraport RelianceASA Mexico D. S. The petitioners said this age restriction would affect them and that they were awaiting appointment in the TNEB after acquiring the eligibility criterion since 1987. Equal wages for equal work should also be the criterion in fixing emoluments for the workers without gender discrimination. During the justconcluded Collectors conference the Chief Minister had made it clear that providing employment alone was the main criterion under the scheme and permanent assets like laying cement roads construction of buildings should not be taken up. One criterion emphasised the technical qualification over the financial bids while the other emphasised the financial bid over the technical qualification. Criterion flayed The criterion for issuance of white ration cards and also the pace came in for scathing criticism. TNCC president G.K.Vasan who presided said excellence was the only criterion for selection for the awards.