cripple meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cripple meaning in tamil is நொண்டி

cripple meaning in tamil with example

cripple tamil meaning and more example for cripple will be given in tamil.
The blockade did not fully cripple the functioning of offices in the Collectorate building as its rear gate was kept open for functionaries of various courts to get in. In their enthusiasm to cripple the enemy the factionists felled horticulture crops and destroyed crops. Dangerous proposal He contended that this proposal would certainly cripple the entire gamut of industry and would also be fatal to the courier industry as all business and other important communication weighed below 500 gm. The party flayed the Government for presenting a lacklustre budget that could cripple the development of the State. The Prime Minister will to try to set at rest the wellarticulated apprehension in the strategic community that the July 2005 agreement would cripple and eventually cap Indias capacity to have the flexibility of updating and enhancing the size of its nuclear deterrence. Bhatia Additional Director General of Meteorology Indian Meteorological Department said that reducing risk is very vital as disasters could cripple the economy of an area. Capital locked down Between the curfew and the suspension of cellular telephone services King Gyanendra hopes to cripple the ability of the SPA to mount large public protests. There were 811 sandstone units in Kota region employing 1lakh persons and 4 per cent tax on Kota stone slabs and 12.5 per cent tax on tiles would cripple the industry she pointed out. Strike by doctors against the proposed reservation policy continued to cripple health services in Northern States on Friday.