creeper meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
creeper meaning in tamil is கொடி

creeper meaning in tamil with example

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To gain entry inside stealthily he mistook a serpent hanging from the balcony for a creeper and climbed by holding on to it. Small worms appear and spread all over the tree or creeper in four to five days if pesticide is not sprayed. The Japanese creeper helps combat pollution effectively by absorbing carbon monoxide emitted by vehicles. That is why the terracotta work done by Praveen B. a teacher at RLV College of Fine Arts which depicts human forms clinging to a creeper climbing across a halfmoon captures the mood of the terracotta exhibition that begun at Orthic Creative Centre on Wednesday evening. Attrai thingal avvennilavill... goes the melancholy song of the two daughters of king Paari the ruler who according to legend gave up his chariot for a creeper of mullai flowers.