creek meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
creek meaning in tamil is நதிக்கிளை

creek meaning in tamil with example

creek tamil meaning and more example for creek will be given in tamil.
Sir Creek Rutherford Bell Air Ramana Come On Sania Qazafi 120 100016 80053 60041 40027.5. They jumped out well and were separated by half a length and a distance. The SCMC had directed to provide drinking water to houses in five wards in the industrial area of Eloor cleaning of Kuzhikandam Creek and rejuvenation of Periyar. At the suggestion of the local MLA Mutha Gopalakrishna he said the department had sent proposals for the construction of a bridge across Salt creek to connect the Meda Line area keeping in view the growing needs of the city. Cleaning of Kuzhikandam creek will be undertaken after the visit of experts from Central Pollution Control Board on January 23. Sir Creek Rutherford Bombay Sapper Qazafi 133 80010 60045 40029.5. Former finished three lengths in front. The Central Pollution Control Board CPCB will suggest a plan for the protection of Kuzhikandam creek in Eloor before the second week of March. The creek had been polluted following discharge of chemical effluents from industrial units located near the creek. An expert team comprising D.C. Sarma zonal officer CPCB Bangalore and Jurgen Porst senior advisor of German Technological Corporation visited areas close to the creek on Monday. Meanwhile the members of the Local Area Environment Committee LAEC requested the expert team to recommend that the State Pollution Control Board initiate steps to clean Kuzhikandam creek before the onset of monsoon. They told the experts that the chances of pollution of the creek following discharge of toxic effluents from nearby industrial units are high during monsoon.