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Persons from different faiths and creeds and different religious or economic and political dimensions were attracted by him. He also inaugurated the Sarvodaya fortnight organised under the auspices of the Gandhian Integrated Forum Trust GIFT. He dealt on the risen Christ and the relevance of Christians in a pluralistic society consisting of different castes creeds and religions. Karunanidhi that persons belonging to all castes and creeds could become othuvars as he has every right to choose the language of his recitation. Among the thousands who gathered at the Basilica included people from various castes creeds and religions from all parts of the State especially Kolar and from Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Though Christian Missionaries established the shelter children of all castes and creeds were being brought up to be exemplary citizens of India. He said Pampa strived for harmony among religions castes and creeds through his works by advocating Manva kulam tanonde volum the whole human race is one family.