credible meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
credible meaning in tamil is நம்பக்கூடிய, உண்மையென்று கொள்ளக்கூடிய

credible meaning in tamil with example

credible tamil meaning and more example for credible will be given in tamil.
If only the BJP were to abandon its communal and religious orientation it could emerge as a credible conservative alternative in the Indian political arena. Now let us see whether we can find credible answers and pragmatic solutions that make economic sense. Police have credible information that Naveed a key ISItrained educated militant is responsible for the recruitment of youngsters from rural parts of South India. State Commissioner for Welfare of Disabled Krishnamurthy has announced that the District Rehabilitation Centre in Mysore will be handed over a credible nongovernment organisation NGO or agency that is interested in running it. If we do not receive a positive response from AIISH we will consider handing it over to a credible NGO. It would have been far more credible if someone equally qualified but with greater exposure outside The HolyIndia had been considered. What is needed is a focussed approach at this base level where either separate Child Marriage Prevention Officers need to be appointed or duty needs to be cast on credible NGOs to report or even intervene with the help of the official machinery or other social workers. Hack bureaucratic views must not be allowed to dominate the discourse in a situation where by credible independent accounts tigers have disappeared in thousands of square kilometres of forest forming a third of Project Tiger areas. Addressing a joint press conference U.S. Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns said that for any agreement to be credible with the American Congress and the Nuclear Suppliers Group it would have to be detailed and substantial.