creamy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
creamy meaning in tamil is பாலாடை நிறைந்த

creamy meaning in tamil with example

creamy tamil meaning and more example for creamy will be given in tamil.
The author has suggested the creamy layer formula but that does not seem practical since there is no clearcut mechanism to pick out the affluent among the minorities. The new additions which do not belong to the creamy layer would get the benefit of reservation in direct recruitment in Civil Services and posts under the Central government he said. The other demands of the Vedika include release of BC scholarships withdrawal of the proposed implementation of creamy layer and reservations in promotions. In a press release at Perunnai NSS general secretary P.K. Narayana Panicker said the appointment of a permanent commission to look into the issue of creamy layer as per the court directive in the Indra Sawhney case too was a welcome decision. The Government was also trying to implement creamy layer policy for BCs with a misleading argument on the present social status of BC. He also wanted a suitable legislation to do away with the creamy layer concept from the reservation policy for the other backward classes. Chandrababu Naidu has said his party will launch a Statewide agitation against the Governments move to identify the creamy layer. The BJP wanted an allparty meeting to discuss the issue as the Government was trying to deny the benefit of reservation to those categorised as creamy layer without any scientific study. Narayana welcomed the creamy layer concept but sought an indepth study of the issue before any decision was taken. Rao said the committee was yet to take a view on the Constitutional posts which could be considered as coming under purview of creamy layer.