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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
craze meaning in tamil is மிக மெல்லிய வெடிப்பு

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Craze for BITS The reason for choosing Hyderabad is not only the total support extended by the Government but also the craze for BITS education among Telugus. In this connection she pointed out the increasing craze to get children admitted in private schools and said the schools run by the Government were equally performanceoriented. The sale of Dupatta has zoomed during the last few days thanks to the latest craze among the Tibetans to try the Indian dress material. This ilk of readers surely needs some elaboration on the niche he has created for himself in fiction literature and the craze generated by his novels. Shantarasa felt that not much had been done to kill the craze among parents to send their children to English medium schools. The craze for biotechnology is so much that parents pay huge sums for a seat under the management quota thanks to projected growth. While the race is included in the list presumably to satisfy MGR fans as well as to keep the memories of the Puratchi Thalaivar fresh in the minds of the public the State Government has not forgotten the craze of the younger generation. Till a few years ago parents and students had a craze for science and subsequently engineering or medicine. Clandestine attempt The craze for this certification is a clandestine attempt to further commodify education as a saleable good to fleece the innocent public. According to Prof. A security guards dreams to see his son become an engineer were shattered as the latter landed in police lockup for his craze for fast motorbikes.