crawl meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
crawl meaning in tamil is ஊர்தல், தவழ்ந்து செல்

crawl meaning in tamil with example

crawl tamil meaning and more example for crawl will be given in tamil.
It would probably take some time to sink in that now we are simply riding roughshod over parts of the Capital where the traffic used to crawl till yesterday said Nikhil Agarwal of Rama Park in Uttam Nagar who has to travel for work to Connaught Place. But most vehicleusers crawl at 20 kmph after the traffic lights blink red orange and green a second or third time during peak hours on city roads. Medical treatment only brought back life to the upper part of his body but his legs didnt regain their strength and to this day he has no other option but to crawl on the ground with his hands. At last when India is slowly trying to crawl out of the NAM cocoon in its own interest some sections including the intelligentsia and media are making an unfair attempt to generate antiAmerica fever. What President Musharraf wants Nawab Bugti said is for us to throw down our arms and crawl before him. But Webbers Williams car slowed to a crawl and he pulled out of the race on lap 23 sending Alonso back to the head of the field ahead of Heidfeld and Raikkonen. At some intersections physically challenged persons crawl between the narrow gaps between the vehicles seeking alms. Slither returns to that ageold formula of a hick town plagued by alien slugs that spew acid vomit and little sluglings that crawl into your brain and lobotomise you. Most of the people who live in the colony were labourers.Snakes and scorpions crawl on the mud road when they return home at night. They will soon crawl out to freedom in the Chinnar forest which has an environment similar to their natural habitat.