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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
crave meaning in tamil is ஏங்கு

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This signifies that justice is not biased but fair and that it is alive for those who crave it he said. Having sacrificed their life and money for the upbringing of their wards many elders crave for reciprocation of love and care which they do not get. Leave alone Mysore even Bangalore begins to get on my nerves and I crave to be in my native place Delhi at least once in six months to recharge my energy levels. Sensing the pulse of funlovers who crave for a welldeserving break from the frenzied pace of life Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Vijayawada region is working on an attractive tour package that forms part of the Krishna district tourism promotion drive. The young ones of all species crave for security and protection that is best provided by their mothers. He is part of a magnificent young breed of cricketers in world cricket whom oldtimers like me crave to see. The Prime Minister said this will be our surest and immediate contribution to the peace and prosperity that we all crave for. He said he will direct the Union Home Ministry and the State Government to work out a credible mechanism of support for these families. Developers have realised that those living in the outer suburbs also crave the mall experience so some of those in the pipeline will be located in the suburbs one even on the Outer Ring Road. Almost all students crave to join computer science or information technology and about 15 to 20 per cent opt for civil mechanical and electrical engineering the VC stated.