cradle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cradle meaning in tamil is தொட்டில்

cradle meaning in tamil with example

cradle tamil meaning and more example for cradle will be given in tamil.
One of the two female infants handed over to the Cradle Baby Centre at the Government Medical College Hospital here a week ago died of suspected jaundice on Tuesday morning. Rajesh said the district outshone other districts in the execution of several government schemes including Farmers Protection Scheme Namathu Gramam Cradle Baby Scheme drinking water and irrigation schemes. 137th cradle baby received THENI The Department of Social Welfare received 137th cradle baby here on Friday. A sixdayold boy was found abandoned in the Amma Cradle of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare on the evening of February 3 a press note issued here on Monday said. According to him the practice of killing the infant or abandoning it at the Cradle Baby Centre was unfortunate. By an extreme diffusionism theory the British said that Egypt was the cradle of civilisation but that idea has been proved to be incorrect. In Madurai district we have been motivating rural children to learn Tamil music. The Madurai Tamizh Sangam was meeting the medical expenditure of the Childrens Ward and the Cradle Baby programme at the Government Hospital in Madurai he said. A plastic sachet of a textile shop at Pazhavangadi rope used for tying the cradle cradle stick and talcum powder were found lying near the newborn. None in the world could have thought of such a programme which covers every stage of a persons life from cradle to cremation has been her refrain while highlighting the components of the farmers security programme.