covered meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
covered meaning in tamil is மூடியிருத்தல், திரையிடுதல்,

covered meaning in tamil with example

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At the bottom of the three layers is a roof made of the Ekra or Ikora reed Erianthus ravannae which in turn is covered with a tin roof. Europe will be covered through programming on Euro Sports 2 that would reach over 40 countries across the continent. Mini buses At the same time the RTC city region is also mulling over the possibilities of running minibuses in areas that are not covered by the regular services primarily in the outskirts. Agricultural production Already the area covered under cultivation has increased by another 12250 hectares. But it was like a treat for as we woke up on the first day of year Gulmarg was covered under a white blanket said Madanjeet a tourist from Delhi. The SubRegional Office Tirunelveli has so far covered 4749 establishments under the purview of EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952. Starting from Kanyakumari he covered Tuticorin Tirunelveli Virudhunagar Madurai Sivaganga Pudukottai Tiruvarur Thanjavur Tiruchi Cuddalore Villupuram and Kancheepuram districts before arriving in Chennai. The subjects covered were Official language policy annual programme of official language original correspondence noting filling various forms preparation of vouchers and entry in registers. Districts in the western region would be covered at the review meeting in Coimbatore and those in central eastern and southern regions at the Madurai meeting he said. According to the reporters family four persons 151 three with their faces covered with black cloth 151 barged into the house looking for the reporter.