cousin meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cousin meaning in tamil is தாய் அல்லது தந்தையின் உடன் பிறந்தவர்களின் அல்லது அந்த முறை வரும் உறவினர்களின் மகன் அல்லது மகள்

cousin meaning in tamil with example

cousin tamil meaning and more example for cousin will be given in tamil.
Having never really left behind the little boy who would pick up helpless animals and birds from where ever he found them Vivek confesses that it was his cousin Venu who sowed the seeds of love for the environment in him. I hope Hindi cinema keeps its own style however much it changes 151 even if the films are in English 151 rather than becoming some strange cousin of Hollywood. Dhamodharan who owns an offset printing press and an advertising agency hit upon the idea of the flight. His cousin Venniya Rajan is a Project Manager at HCL Technologies Chennai and has been associated with The Banyan for several years. A child labourer and her cousin set themselves on fire after the formers employer allegedly beat her up accusing them of stealing gold rings at Kukatpally on Friday. Tulasamma 11 and her cousin Kavita 10 with over 95 per cent and 50 per cent burns respectively are battling for life at Gandhi Hospital. A girl Kavita 10 who sustained 55 per cent burns after setting herself afire along with her cousin Tulasamma 11 when the latters employer accused them of stealing gold rings died on Saturday while undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital. While leaving the party he had said that he had no problem with the deity but its priests meaning his cousin and Mr. After battling for her life for three days child labourer Tulasamma 11 who set herself afire along with her cousin Kavita 10 following charges of stealing gold rings of her employer Bhojappa succumbed to burns on Monday at the Gandhi Hospital.
சிற்றப்பா மகன், சிற்றப்பா மகள், அத்தை மகன், அத்தை மகள், பெரியப்பா மகன் ,பெரியப்பா மகள்
A cousin is a blood relative with one or more common ancestors. Cousin will be vary based on the hierarchy etc. First cousins, Half-cousin, Step-cousin, Cousin-in-law