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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
couplet meaning in tamil is சோடியாக அமைந்த மோனை

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couplet tamil meaning and more example for couplet will be given in tamil.
Some pictures of Hyderabad include the historic Charminar in its full glory and the Nizam of Hyderabad who held Dayal in such high esteem that he had even composed a couplet in Urdu for him. Deviations from the prepared text 151 the monotony of which was broken by the odd couplet 151 were rare. Even if the whole world becomes our enemy our friendship will remain intact he declared quoting a Hindi couplet to reassure the Left parties which had vociferously threatened to vote against the budget if the corridor was not extended from Sonnagar to Kolkata. Sudarsanam opened the proceedings with the customary recitation of a Thirukkural couplet and then explained the oathtaking procedure to the members. The convention was not without its usual quota of gaffes. D.P. Tripathi NCP general secretary in charge of Kerala quoted a couplet in Malayalam Chora Thudikkum Cheru Kaiyukale Peruka Vannee Panthangal but wrongly attributed it to Kumaran Asan instead of Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon. We a nation of one billion if dreamt will have one billion ideas a potent force. He sings a couplet from Tirukkural to point out what does a country need. None had gone to the field of the happenings. He quoted an Urdu couplet of Allama Iqbal that spoke of the challenges posed by changes. Addressing the function marked by police skill demonstrations and a cultural programme at the Rajaratnam Stadium here he referred to a Tirukkural couplet that praised a dutyconscious policeman. Jaffar Sait mentioned a couplet from Tirukkural Varumunnark kaavathaan vazhkai yerimunnar vaithooru pola kedum the life of one who does not take preventive care will perish like a haystack in the hold of fire.