countryside meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
countryside meaning in tamil is கிராமப்புறம், ஊர்ப்புறம்

countryside meaning in tamil with example

countryside tamil meaning and more example for countryside will be given in tamil.
Pareekutti and Karuthamma the countryside characters from Gods Own Country live in the hearts of thousands of aficionados of art and literature. During the truce Nepals countryside saw a period of peace and tranquillity unprecedented in a decade. Gopalakrishnan when an unexpected death in the family had led to a journey through the countryside at night with his parents. Oh look how wonderful is this tirtha Now a beautiful tank with a wall and ornamental gateways this pond must have once been a shimmering sheet of water between the two hills set amid lush green countryside with its paddy fields and groves of coconut and areca palms. There have been land reforms in places like the West Bengal countryside which is why the CPI M is returned to power regularly which is very positive. Swediens performance includes To Russia with Love the poetry of Pushkin images of the Russian spirit and countryside and 16 preludes for piano solo. For the elderly in the countryside left to fend for themselves and bereft of any social security oldage pension provides a semblance of solace for some even life sustaining. It was a very difficult countryside as military had prevented us from flying and landing over certain areas. Constructing a new socialist countryside is an important historic task in the process of Chinas modernisation says the policy. Following mass protests in the countryside in the face of corruption and poverty in recent years the Chinese Government last week announced an ambitious new rural policy which crystallises the leaderships ongoing efforts at giving fresh direction to Chinas economic policies.