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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cottage meaning in tamil is கிராமப்புற வீடு, பண்ணை வீடு

cottage meaning in tamil with example

cottage tamil meaning and more example for cottage will be given in tamil.
The proposal was to extend loans to three or four activities pertaining to agriculture and allied fields in the cottage and village industries and in the area of handicrafts. Ramanuja presides ESV Hall Bhavan premises Race Course Road 6 p.m. Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd. Cottage Mela St. Josephs Boys High School Ground 9 a.m. Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Cottage Mela St. At present marketing was done through private emporia and government undertakings like Poompuhar Central Cottage Industries Corporation Kaveri Lepakshi etc. Mariappan is confident that the trade will soon develop into a cottage industry as Indian Overseas Bank under the District Rural Industries Programme DRIP programme has sanctioned Rs. Keeping in view the huge potential for fashion designing and garment making after the establishment of Garment City and Apparel Park near Achutapuram garment units are being set up like cottage industries. In order to ensure speedy development of the area he suggested laying of roads linking all the villages and starting of cottage and small scale units based on the local raw material. They suggested students to take up smallscale activities such as cottage industries tailoring and handicrafts to get an assured income. Apart from interacting with young musicians at the British Council on February 15 the band will play at Turquoise Cottage on February 16 and at the Great Indian Rock Festival at Hamsadhwani Open Air Theatre in Pragati Maidan on February 18.