correspondence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
correspondence meaning in tamil is கடிதங்கள், கடித போக்குவரத்து

correspondence meaning in tamil with example

correspondence tamil meaning and more example for correspondence will be given in tamil.
Punna Rao a former engineer of APSEB pleaded for collection of penalty from GAILONGC if they pleaded shortage and demanded public display of the correspondence between the State and Union Governments relating to the gas supply to the projects. M. Narayanans letter to the then Prime Minister but in general the correspondence between the two could not be placed before a commission holding a public inquiry. Those who have taken a correspondence course or studied in an open university for the qualifying examination should attach a recognition equivalency certificate given by any university in the State along with the SET application form. In 1826 the Government of Bombay started fresh correspondence with the Madras Government to take back BombayKarnataka from the Madras Presidency. Shashidhar Prasad sought to downplay the Governors reported opposition to Mysore Universitys decision to offer degree programmes through the correspondence mode. Shashidhar Prasad said Mysore University was committed to offering all courses in Science and Humanities through the correspondence mode. The Correspondence courses offered by several Universities would come in handy for those aspiring to continue their higher education beyond Plus Two he said. Justifying the nondisclosure the affidavit stated The said correspondence cannot be vivisected or read in isolation based on some statements made by the former President. Referring to the Commissions contention that the former President himself had disclosed the contents of the letters the Centre said he had not disclosed the correspondence in its entirety.