correlation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
correlation meaning in tamil is சம்பந்தப்படுத்தல், பரஸ்பர சம்பந்தம்

correlation meaning in tamil with example

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A widening trade deficit was seen as healthy on the ground that the rising bill for nonoil imports has a correlation with industrial growth. According to the sources in the Block Education Office field work has been completed in time in Mangalore block but the compilation of report and correlation of data will take time as the target estimates have been exceeded. Stressing the strong correlation between sports and industry Geet recalled that in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games Indias budget for sports was a meagre Rs. This has been a continuing campaign with NIMHANS initially involved in compiling statistics that pointed to correlation between serious head injuries from accidents and drunken driving. The study also reveals that the correlation between education and income is quite strong and concludes that the rat race among parents for securing professional education for children is a direct fallout of this. Till the mid1970s there was a strong correlation between El Nino and the Indian monsoon with droughts usually occurring in El Nino years. That correlation has since diminished considerably and 1997 a year with one of the strongest El Ninos of the last century enjoyed a monsoon with above average rainfall. The loss of that correlation has made it much more difficult for statistical and dynamical models to predict the monsoons outcome says K. There are prima facie indications of a positive correlation between the number of terms a candidate has served as legislator and the volume of his assets.