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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
corn meaning in tamil is சோளம்

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Whether it was sellers of corn or groundnut catering for those visiting on a shoestring budget or those helping themselves liberally at the star hotels outlets it was the food stalls that were doing brisk business. More than twothirds of exported U.S. corn now goes to Asia and Africa where once it went to Europe. Not surprisingly alternatives such as bamboo organic linen wool grown on biodiverse ranches hemp and innovative fibres such as Ingeo derived from degradable corn starch all look much more appealing. Balamohan Das look at the corn shown by Secretary of the Krishna Industrial Agricultural Exhibition Society M. Farming crisis In the developing world the water crisis is almost totally defined in relation to agriculture with constant images of droughtblasted fields withered corn stalks and skinny cattle. The offspinner got one to pop at the ungainly lefthander like corn kernels in a hot pot and Kaif accepted the notincontrol cut stroke. Along with him the others selling corn also have a broad grin on their faces as the corns disappear within seconds while they thank the weather gods. One man caught stealing corn had his nose and ears cut off was placed in shackles and was then auctioned off as a slave. Fruits such as pineapple banana and orange should be avoided completely and food varieties made of corn or wheat could be safely consumed. These may be fruits and dry fruits whole grain cereals vegetables such as cucumber carrot capsicum redyellow peppers celery sticks tomatoes boiled baby corn steamed corn broccolicauliflower with dips or sprinkled with herbs whole grain bread chapatis fruit juices and plenty of water.