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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cork meaning in tamil is தக்கை, போத்தல் புட்டி) மூடியை அடைக்கப் பயன்படும் தக்கை)

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Mongia with his gentle leftarm spin ran through the Lancashire middleorder claiming the wickets of Crook Law Glen Chapple and Dominic Cork to emerge as the pick of the bowlers claiming four for 25 from his seven overs. Meanwhile the department has a tough job in the coming season as the district is agog with rumours of largescale adulteration of urea with plastic pellets and cork granules. But in many areas the water is being wasted. He said in almost all public taps fountains the iron stop cork had been taken away by miscreants and the water was going waste. Dr Cork was speaking at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University TNAU on how to prepare winning projects.