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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
copper meaning in tamil is செம்பு, செப்பு, தாமிரம்

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The police said Sanjay a scrap dealer having his shop near Indira Service Station on Dhansa Road in Najafgarh had told Pardeep a resident of Jhajjar in Haryana that transformers had a fair amount of copper which he was ready to buy from them. Moreover the Srivaramangalam copper plate s of Pandyan King Nedum Chadayan 8 AD have clear reference to Vizhinjam and its fort. Despite SSIs contributing significantly to the Gross Domestic Product GDP the inordinate increase in prices of raw materials especially nonferrous ones such as aluminium copper and zinc has landed several units in a deep financial crisis. GHATAPRABHA PLATE Div.I 1100m rated 00 to 15 Copper Sky Ajaad 151 Daneliska 57.5 cd.56 Vijay Kumar 1 Worth A Million 60.5 Warren 2 Jango 61 C. Salvatore Srinath Copper Bracelet Ghous 58 60045.5. Former started three lengths behind and finished two lengths in front. Thirunavukarasu vicepresident human resources Sterlite Copper Industries Limited gave away the prizes to the winners. The 16th century manuscripts written on copper plates contained documents relating to handing over of revenue land by the Pandyan rulers to the forefathers of Mr. Exchange facility He says that the showroom has VVS1 quality gold oxidised sets that Bollywood and Tollywood heroines mostly buy triple colour jewellery and copper polished sets. With girls wanting to look their best on the Dday sale of earrings and copper jewellery have also picked up shop owners say. Other displays include temple deities in copper and bronze Tanjore Veena marble carved models shells from Mahabalipuram and a range of accessories.