cooperate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cooperate meaning in tamil is ஒத்துழை

cooperate meaning in tamil with example

cooperate tamil meaning and more example for cooperate will be given in tamil.
In fact after the incident too the police were fighting over issues of jurisdiction and responsibility the woman who was reportedly raped refused to cooperate with the investigators possibly under pressure from her relatives or under threat from the goons themselves. Basheer said he was not satisfied with the progress of the library modernisation programme and the local bodies would have to cooperate with the Education Department and the school authorities more so that more books and furniture could be collected. Panduranga Rao appealed to the residents to bear with the inconvenience and cooperate with the corporation. He has called upon China to cooperate to eliminate rivalry which ends up making oil and gas acquisitions more expensive. But there would also be opportunities where it might be in the interest of both sides to cooperate and submit joint bids he said. Singh appealed to the citizens to cooperate with the municipal employees in making the drive a success. The discom would arrange for patrolling of poles and electric lines but the public too should cooperate for the incidentfree celebration of the kiteflying festival they added. He said Peking would be happy to see certain reforms in administration without interfering with religious practices but always preferred to cooperate only if Tibet itself wanted such reforms. Jayadeep who struck the idea on reading the article prepared a storyboard and sent it over to the filmmaker who agreed to cooperate with the youngsters venture.