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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cook meaning in tamil is சமைத்தல்

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There is a potential danger to the tents and we have been making our best efforts to make them cook outside or at the places designated between the tents said Kalachakra Special Officer Ch. Due to police pressure he left Gujarat and went to Mumbai where he met with Nazir Miya Malek a cook who wanted to go to Middle East to earn more money. According to the traffic police the deceased has been identified as Babu a cook at an upmarket hotel on Manjalikulam Road and a resident of Panayil veedu Manikanteswaram Peroorkada. It is learnt that to celebrate Kaanum Pongal on January 17 they went to a nearby place to cook a meal. By sundown after the days work people would pick up their quota of rice kerosene and sugar from the ration shop and head home in time to say their evening prayers and cook dinner. Fifteen students and a female cook of SajwidhulKhurana a madarsa at Sarangapur under rural police station limits were taken ill after they consumed pudding given by an unknown burqaclad woman on Monday. A modern Akshay Patra kitchen with a capacity to cook food for two lakh children will be ready by April Rajiv Lochan Dasa said. They have settled down to cook their food purchasing jaggery which is considered gold as far as the jatara goes. The Collector has appealed to the people to cook chicken at 70 degrees Centigrade for over 20 minutes before consumption. Since the virus causing the disease is known to die quickly in high temperature the Health authorities have also said that there was no need to be alarmed by the reports about detection of bird flu if care is taken to cook the meat properly.