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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
converter meaning in tamil is மின்மாற்றி

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Agarwal visited various production units of the plant coke ovens sinter plant Krishna blast furnace and the converter and the continuous casting machine etc. It will include a 50tonne electric arc furnace 60tonne AOD converter with ladle furnace and singlestrand slab caster. New machine A converter tap hole drilling machine was commissioned in the steel melting shop of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant by chairmancummanaging director Y. Machi Raju 30 was undertaking welding work on the converter platform at a height of four metres at the SMS. Media converter is a generic file conversion tool meant for converting files of a wide variety that include sound files like mp3 ogg wav etc image files png gif and tiff etc and text files pdf rtf txt and html. About three years ago there was a surge in power and my microwave voltage converter and modem were damaged he said. B.A. Vivek Rai ViceChancellor of the university told The HolyIndia that the software included beautifully designed fonts and borders and a converter that would solve compatibility problems. The transmission line however is equipped with a converter or high voltage direct current HVDC facility which not only transmits power but islands Andhra Pradesh when high fluctuations occur in the Western grid. After befriending the engineer through chatting Rajesh posed as Renuka and used a voice converter to disguise his voice SubInspector Thampanoor Sheen Tharayil said.