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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conversation meaning in tamil is உரையாடல், கலந்துரையாடல்

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Station masters and the loco running staff in Chennai division had a rude shock on Friday night when their wireless sets allegedly picked up conversation between Sri Lankan militants. Local police said Sri Lankan militants had powerful wireless sets and some times their conversation was picked up by wireless sets here. The conversation darted from one topic to another much in the manner of the mesmerising yarns that he has spun. Following a telephone conversation with Ukraines President Viktor Yushchenko Moldovas President Vladimir Voronin said he had turned down Gazproms new price of 160 per 1000 cubic metres of gas a twofold increase from last years price of 80. But a conversation with the owner of Asian Educational Services the Delhibased publishing house that specialises in reprinting forgotten classics relating mainly to history reveals the deep and abiding interest he has in books. Listening in on another persons conversation is an invasion of his or her privacy and needs to be avoided. The aim of crosscultural conversation is to help achieve human solidarity by mediating between the marginalised and dominant groups in different contexts recognising the criteria of race religion ethnicity gender class and others she says. In Delhi now to introduce the concept of crosscultural conversation for the first time in India she has brought together eminent speakers from all over the world for a rather unusual conference. Chappell remained silent throughout the conversation between the present and the former skippers at the Gadaffi Stadium.