conversant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conversant meaning in tamil is பழக்கமுள்ள

conversant meaning in tamil with example

conversant tamil meaning and more example for conversant will be given in tamil.
As one committed to the highest standards of the profession and fully conversant with the newspapers traditions K. The officials were there to give him some details of the proceedings since he was not fully conversant with Kannada. Prime Minister Singh who is conversant with Indias nuclear energy history and programme must be commended for achieving this constructive breakthrough. Sivakumar said that since the paramedical personnel are involved in the actual testing of persons for HIV they were at a greater risk of getting the infectedFor this reason they should be conversant with the latest knowledge on HIVAIDS. Purushothaman who released a pamphlet said the BSNL was making great strides in a bid to make its employees conversant with Hindi. Besides the frequent travellers and those in the IT industry there are many fields that require linguists conversant in French Spanish German Italian Japanese and Chinese. He had worked as superintendent incharge of elections in the Collectors Office for several years and was fully conversant with rules he said. Parents sometimes show misplaced pride when their schoolgoing children are conversant with the plots of soaps or can belt out the title songs of every serial. Seralathan student coordinator Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai who is conversant in French and German and a foreign language teacher said the motivation to learn a foreign language differs from person to person. However the Bench directed the State Government to make use of expert translators who were conversant with the subject.