convergence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
convergence meaning in tamil is குறுகுதல், குறுகிப்போதல்

convergence meaning in tamil with example

convergence tamil meaning and more example for convergence will be given in tamil.
Wealth through value waste and convergence were the 3Ws for which the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant collective should strive hard he felt. The paper 151 on which responses have been sought by the monthend before TRAI formulates a policy document for the Governments perusal 151 focuses on the need to bring about convergence in all aspects of regulation of the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. According to TRAI there is a broad convergence of opinion that the best way to ensure that regulation does not become a hindrance is to make regulation technologyneutral. And if a comprehensive legal framework is required whether it should be developed around the Communication Convergence Bill 2001. Meanwhile the Kerala Latin Catholic Association termed mysterious the statement of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee president that a convergence of views of all communities would be sought over the commission report. This was his guru dakshina. Kaladharan was synonymous with Kerala Kalapeetom a convergence point for budding and contemporary artists in the city. The regulator released on Thursday another paper that is in step with its plans to address convergence of communication technologies. There was scope for convergence of developed and developing economies through universal access to knowledge. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India major technological changes that have facilitated the convergence processes are digitisation and computerisation. A visitor admiring the products on display at the 12th Convergence India 2004 International Exhibition in New Delhi.