contributor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
contributor meaning in tamil is கொடையாளி, உதவுபவர்

contributor meaning in tamil with example

contributor tamil meaning and more example for contributor will be given in tamil.
As the emirates second largest trade partner India is an important contributor to the Dubai success story as well as its beneficiary. Canada is currently the second largest contributor of coalition force in Afghanistan just after the United States. Narayanan met with Farooq Kathwari a U.S. national who is a significant contributor to Islamist organisations the Asia Society and mainstream political groups. One infuriated contributor writes about their boss Mark reminded me of the kind of bloke who drives an unlicensed minicab for the sole purpose of raping drunken passengers. Flight safety is the most important contributor to successful completion of mission objectives he said. Secondary sector was major contributor to the growth in the GSDP registering an average growth of 20 per cent per annum during the tenth plan. The emergence of space technology as a powerful tool for information gathering and for rapid and reliable communications over long distances and to remote areas has been a major contributor to the IT sector. The Parliamentary panel has also found no reason for the Ministrys reluctance in accepting that the pollution level in the Ganga is by far the biggest contributor in spreading water borne diseases among those residing on its banks. It has noted that on the basis of such sustained high economic growth India is increasingly becoming a leading contributor to global growth. Radhakrishna questions the logic behind targeting only poor slum dwellers who have been living on the canal bunds for years when the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation VMC is a major contributor to pollution of canals by letting out the citys sewage into them.