contract meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
contract meaning in tamil is ஒப்பந்தம்

contract meaning in tamil with example

contract tamil meaning and more example for contract will be given in tamil.
Diebold of the U.S. got contract from the State Bank of India for setting up 1750 automated teller machines and cash dispensers. The State unit of Democratic Youth Federation of India DYFI has urged the Government to amicably solve issues pertaining to teachers taken on contract by computer firms such as NIIT Edu.Comp and APTECH for the Mahiti Sindhu programme. Technopure the company engaged to carry out decontamination of the decommissioned French aircraftcarrier Clemenceau told The HolyIndia that it had ended its contract with SDIC Ship Decommissioning Industry Corporation the Panamaregistered company that acquired the ship. The first contract 151 a quotation for three million euros 151 proposed superficial decontamination while the second contract for 6 million euros proposed major decontamination work. Our contract stipulated that we would set up an industrial process for decontamination in India according to the norms prevalent in France. These include action plan for the development of Medak hike of PF interest rate to 12 per cent reopening of sick industries minimum wages for contract labour strengthening of APSRTC and establishment of ESIC hospitals in Sangareddy Zaheerabad and Siddipet. Last week Gazprom signed a contract to buy additional quantities of Turkmenian export gas to step up pressure on Ukraine. To get a better yield some farmers and middlemen who take mango orchards on contract used Endosulfan. The pesticide was applied even in mango trees that they took on contract in villages outside orchards the study report said.