continue meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
continue meaning in tamil is தொடர்

continue meaning in tamil with example

continue tamil meaning and more example for continue will be given in tamil.
The Government collapsed following the disintegration of the coalition which the BJP had cobbled up together to continue in power. Complimenting the jawans for their good work he advised them to continue to work with the same efficiency coordination and spirit to keep the flag of MLIRC flying high. Of the remaining four workers one preferred to withdraw the complaint as he desired to continue working in the same company and three were undergoing the onemonth sentence and were expected to be freed towards the end of this month he said. Dharnasdemonstrations would be organised in all the Integrated Tribal Development Agency ITDA centres in the State asking the Government to continue payment of Rs. With the latter leading 2619 when floodlights went off with just three minutes to go Railways refused to continue play on technical grounds. The problem gets compounded for adolescents living in remote rural and tribal areas and not pursuing school education as they continue to remain at the periphery of the health and development scenario. The convention through another resolution urged the Government to disburse scholarship and loan scholarship to school and college students in the beginning of academic year to facilitate them to continue their studies without any hitch or stress. He reiterated that there would be no hike in power tariff for the coming year and that the free power would continue for the full year. These shall continue till maturity and deposits withdrawals infrom these accounts shall be allowed to be made in accordance with the said rules.