continent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
continent meaning in tamil is கண்டம்

continent meaning in tamil with example

continent tamil meaning and more example for continent will be given in tamil.
The State and the Centre with the help of Unesco must carry out underwater exploration in Indian Ocean and bring to light the history of the lost continent of Kumari he said. With Bachelet I share her values. While leftwing governments across the continent 151 notably Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and incoming Bolivian President Evo Morales 151 are questioning the free market model Ms. Nine more countries in Latin America are scheduled to hold elections before yearend but the political map of the continent has already changed. They do so as one of Kondratievs long economic waves has been sweeping through the continent like a tsunami. Goll if the continent of South America were to suddenly rise by 30 degrees the earth would start toppling over at a rate of one degree every thousand years. A continent that hosts the worlds largest producers and fastest growing consumers of energy is forced to play second fiddle relying on institutions trading frameworks and armed forces from outside the region in order to trade with itself. What we are beginning to see at last in a continent that the United States used to regard as its backyard 151 Latin America 151 is a growing movement against the neoliberal economics of the Washington Consensus and against Washington domination. The Washington Consensus has received its first serious challenge from within Latin America 151 which was a continent the United States had used as its laboratory. 46 25 Abstainer is back accommodated by a large continent 4 27 Whats the matter in the pleura.