contemplate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
contemplate meaning in tamil is சிந்தனை செய்

contemplate meaning in tamil with example

contemplate tamil meaning and more example for contemplate will be given in tamil.
These passengers who alighted at the Thiruvananthapuram railway station are baffled as they contemplate the prospect of reaching home with all their baggage. The court held that the guidelines clearly contemplate preference to Indian parents and directed the respondent to take action in giving Rupesh to the petitioner. Phaneendra Hyderabad The Uttar Pradesh Home Secretary has stated in unambiguous terms that the Government does not contemplate any action against Mr. The Tamil Nadu Regulation of Admission in Professional Courses Act 2006 does not contemplate any uniform evaluation and hence the expression Common Entrance Test is a misnomer senior counsel Nalini Chidambaram has said. Asked whether they would petition the President in view of their strong views about the Governors action the Congress leaders said that they would contemplate it. Over the years the maturation of our nuclear programme including the development of worldclass thermal power reactors has made it possible to contemplate some changes. Anil Kumble four short of 500 wickets and Harbhajan Singh who bowled 136 overs between them for just four wickets will contemplate a bouncy vengeance. Union Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal said terrorism had assumed global dimension and the situation demanded that every citizen of the world community should contemplate on combating the menace. Successive drought for the last four years had made the delta farmers penniless forcing many to contemplate suicide. The Government did not contemplate any other State except Uttaranchal Jharkhand and Chattisgarh for which it was committed.