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A couple of days ago two cows died and two others fell ill as these animals had water from a quarry where Endosulfan containers and spraying pumps were washed. Efforts were being made to supply 27000 more plastic containers to people in the next one month to do away with dustbins at street corners. They should use the plastic containers to segregate organic and inorganic waste for municipal employees to collect the waste directly from their homes. The corporation will provide all households with plastic garbage containers in two different colours. Metal bins will be installed in public places and sanitation workers will be provided with wheelbarrows equipped to carry six specially made covered plastic containers of 50litre capacity. Hospitals markets slums and slaughterhouses will be provided with larger containers that can be mechanically removed by dumper placers fitted to tractors threewheelers or tillers. During the raid officials seized 600 ISImarked waterfilled pouches a plastic film with ISI marks to make 80000 pouches 113 empty 20litre PET containers and 165 opaque containers which were recently banned in favour of transparent ones. The Valapattanam police seized a small quantity of gun powder and some paper containers found abandoned at Narikkundamvayal near Valapattanam on Saturday. The corporation will provide all houses in the 25 wards with plastic garbage containers of two different colours one for the biodegradable waste material and the other for the nondegradable refuse.